"The LGA joined the Epaycheck partnership because of the importance of having clear, accessible, low-cost information on market pay rates for a range of critical jobs in local government. The Senior Pay Data Report has proved essential in discussions with Downing Street in the run-up to the Comprehensive Spending Review. The system relies on the participation of councils for data and I would urge existing subscribers to make sure they keep information up-to-date and any councils that do not subscribe should think very seriously about doing so! Epaycheck is a great example of the local government family coming together to do things more effectively and at lower cost "

Head of Workforce, LGA

"The LGA took the decision to join the Epaycheck partnership because we believe very strongly that the sector needs a top-quality pay benchmarking system that is owned and managed on behalf of local government. This collaborative venture will deliver great opportunities for efficiency through rapid access to pay data that are tailored to priorities agreed by the user community. The data will be extremely useful in providing detail to counter the assertions about local government pay that are made frequently in the national press. The system will be useful also in national pay negotiations through allowing us to track the effects of pay changes on key job families. In this regard, Epaycheck is fully compatible with the LGA's national earnings survey which looks at a wider range of jobs in much less detail. I would like to encourage any councils that have yet to sign up to Epaycheck to do so as it is vital that the sector develops its own managed resource. Any participants that have not yet uploaded their data should do so as soon as possible as the system is very much about mutual support. Once the initial effort has been put in, updates are easy and everyone can benefit."

LGA Workforce Policy and Strategy Team

"The data acquired was most helpful in allowing me to benchmark ourselves in comparison to other local authorities within the region. This, along with other qualitative and quantitative data, will enable me to produce a more meaningful Strategy for my organisation."

North West Unitary