Case Studies

Maidstone Borough Council

Our experience of epaycheck has been that the process, from registering through to uploading data, is easy and straightforward.

The registration was quick and simple to do. We encountered a few minor difficulties with receiving our registration details once we had registered, but we think this was down to initial teething difficulties with the process not yet having been fully embedded and because we were so quick off the mark with signing up as we could see it was a good thing!

The Super User training provided was good. It was clearly structured, the materials provided were informative, and care was taken by the trainers to ensure that all the delegates were happy with the training that they were being given and that everyone understood how to use the system.

When it came to uploading the data into epaycheck, the process was again easy and straightforward. We did have a problem in that one field of data, that we had initially been advised was optional, had been changed to mandatory. This meant that when we came to upload our data, it was accepted by the system but showed an error and we were unable to edit it. However, it was very easy to delete the incorrect data, correct the information in the CSV file and then re-load it successfully. From there on, the job matching process was plain-sailing.

Process carried out for upload:

  • Use template booklet outside of the system to identify jobs to include in CSV file for first upload and for matching process using the templates from the booklet.
  • Extracted all jobs from payroll and amended the CSV file to reflect the roles that are currently in the epaycheck site.
  • Removed but saved a file of those jobs not currently within the site so that had the information for second bulk upload or to request new template.
  • Matching conducted outside of system as felt was a quicker way then once within system just straight match, match + or match – comparison.

Stratford-on-Avon District Council

The initial set up process for joining epaycheck has been straightforward and problem free. The registration process was quick and simple to follow and we have been provided with email assistance and advice along the way.

The Super User training brought the system to life and we were clearly shown how to populate the system with our data. We were unfortunately let down by the IT system during the training. The system couldn't be used for almost an hour and a couple of delegates could not access their own profiles. Despite this, the training was completed and all delegates had ample opportunity to ask any questions and leave the session with all the knowledge required for populating the system and completing the bulk upload.

When it came to uploading the data into epaycheck, the process was much easier and quicker than we were expecting it to be. We only experienced minor issues, such as being logged out of the system due to a time lapse which was frustrating as it meant some data had to be re entered. However, this was raised and we were assured the time lapse would be increased for the future. Also, we wanted to enter monetary amounts that required two decimal places and this wasn't initially accepted by the system as part of the bulk upload. However, again, this was resolved quickly. The job matching process was straight forward and fairly quick to input.

Process carried out for upload:

  • We used the template booklet provided to identify jobs to include in the CSV file for the bulk upload and for the matching process. There are not templates for all jobs, so this needed sorting initially.
  • We then extracted all of our jobs from payroll into an excel spreadsheet and amended the file to reflect the roles that we had identified as having templates within the epaycheck system. We then converted this back into a CSV file for the upload.
  • As we had already completed the matching process within the template booklet, it was very quick and simple to match the data within the system.
  • We finally added on information relating to our Chief Officers and Heads of Service, which was again simple and straightforward, just following the process in the booklet and which we had practised at the training session.