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Benefits of Epaycheck

Epaycheck is an online, subscription based, pay benchmarking system owned and managed by the sector; providing maximum output for minimal cost.

Epaycheck offers rapid access to pay data, tailored to the priorities of the user community, whilst providing vital information to support national pay negotiations and a means of tracking the effects of pay changes on key job families within the sector.

Epaycheck is a fast and effective way of producing pay data reports from simple pay averages to more complex comparisons comparing across organisation types, geographical areas and job responsibilities, allowing the user to;

  • answer important questions on pay within minutes,
  • provide hard evidence to assist local decision making,
  • provide a sound basis for setting market force supplements,
  • support Job Evaluation and review processes,
  • inform thinking on corporate restructures,
  • respond to pay challenges with accurate and relevant information,
  • protect against equal pay claims, and
  • access hundreds of generic job roles templates for whole job families.

Epaycheck is generally accessed through an organisation's HR department, but the data it produces can be used by staff at every level within the organisation for example; providing evidence and information to Cabinets in setting senior pay rates, reporting comparator pay data helpful to Management Teams determining corporate restructures, offering hard evidence for Senior Managers addressing pay challenges or dealing with job evaluations, or providing access to sector standard job templates within family functions as a sound basis to work from for officers developing new teams or job roles.

Epaycheck offers a real time and affordable alternative to buying in pay data information and negates the need to commit valuable resources to researching information to respond to recruitment market pressures and to defend equal pay claims; information that can also quickly become outdated.

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