Different job roles

About epaycheck

Epaycheck is a national online 'public sector pay benchmarking' service, developed by the public sector for the public sector. The service is delivered and supported locally through a national network of regional employer organisations.

Epaycheck allows subscribing organisations to share their pay data across common roles grouped in 14 core job families as well as chief officers. The pay data provided for Chief Officers will be open and attributable to the data provider, however workforce data will be shared in an anonymised format by default, unless a subscriber elects to join a 'family group' and openly share their data revealing their identity to other members of that group. Users can opt to be part of a regional job family or a specific group of users.

Pay data is provided via an easy to use data upload facility and once a new user has provided data against all roles they can match to within their organisation, the user will be able to compare data and generate user defined reports providing invaluable and specific benchmarking information at the click of a mouse.

Epaycheck is delivered on-line but supported and administered by individuals within the regional employers' organisations and subscribing authorities. These roles are broadly described below:

  • System Administrator - a person based within one of the regional employers' organisations with overall responsibility for the system; including membership privileges, data management and service functionality
  • Regional Administrator - a person based at a regional employers' organisation who supports the service and users in that region
  • Super User - an identified individual within a subscribing organisation who is the key contact for the epaycheck subscription in relation to terms and conditions of supply; provision of quality assured data to Epaycheck; for local system security; and for training and acting as first point of contact for their own end users
  • End User - an identified individual within a subscribing organisation authorised to access the reporting service in accordance with Epaycheck terms and conditions
  • Client Sponsor – an identified individual within a subscribing organisation responsible for ensuring that the organisation meets its commitments to provide data and observes the terms and conditions in respect of data usage

Epaycheck uses a messaging system to advise Super Users of action that needs to be taken or to share important information on the system.

Epaycheck is easy to use - easily navigated screens, drop down filters, intuitive matching, hints and tips and a 'dashboard' allowing the user to;

  • manage data and comparison inquiries
  • save work in progress and return to complete at a later time
  • design and store bespoke report formats
  • receive task and deadline reminders
  • access relevant news and event information