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Epaycheck is the national online pay benchmarking service developed for the public sector by the public sector. Councils who have joined the Epaycheck community securely share and compare their pay data with that of other councils, across hundreds of common roles within the sector.

Epaycheck is delivered in partnership with the Local Government Association and it provides them with fast and current information to support national pay negotiations and a means of tracking the effects of pay changes on key job families. It also enables the sector to produce detailed data reports that aid understanding of pay across the sector for key services; such as the Epaycheck Data Report on Social Work Pay, Recruitment and Retention published October 2014. Epaycheck is a powerful data tool and the LGA is encouraging all councils to participate.

An Epaycheck subscription offers maximum output for minimal cost; all you need to use the service is internet access so whether at your desk, in a meeting, or on the move, you can still access your Epaycheck data reports at the click of a button.

Why do I need Epaycheck?

Epaycheck offers a fast and effective way of producing pay data reports from simple pay averages to more complex comparisons across organisation types, geographical areas and job responsibilities, covering both workforce and chief officer pay.

Epaycheck allows the user to;

  • answer important questions on pay within minutes,
  • provide hard evidence to assist local decision making,
  • provide a sound basis for setting market force supplements,
  • support Job Evaluation and review processes,
  • inform thinking on corporate restructures,
  • respond to pay challenges with accurate and relevant information,
  • protect against equal pay claims, and
  • access hundreds of generic job roles templates for whole job families.

"The LGA joined the Epaycheck partnership because of the importance of having clear, accessible, low-cost information on market pay rates for a range of critical jobs in local government. The Senior Pay Data Report has proved essential in discussions with Downing Street in the run-up to the Comprehensive Spending Review. The system relies on the participation of councils for data and I would urge existing subscribers to make sure they keep information up-to-date and any councils that do not subscribe should think very seriously about doing so! Epaycheck is a great example of the local government family coming together to do things more effectively and at lower cost."

Sarah Messenger, Head of Workforce, LGA. Read more.

"The data acquired was most helpful in allowing me to benchmark ourselves in comparison to other local authorities within the region. This, along with other qualitative and quantitative data, will enable me to produce a more meaningful Strategy for my organisation."

North West Unitary


Senior Pay Report

Senior Pay Report

LGA recently commissioned a statistical analysis of senior pay data held in Epaycheck and the second Epaycheck Data Report is due for publication shortly on Senior Pay. An Executive Summary has been produced to coincide with the annual pay briefings and includes some key findings and a 'data taster' on chief executive pay.

Download your free copy here.

The detailed Senior Pay Report is expected to be available mid September but it will only be available to Epaycheck subscribers. To find out more contact your Regional Employers' Organisation.

Social Work Pay, Recruitment and Retention

Epaycheck report 2014

Don't forget our first Epaycheck Data Report was published in October 2014 covering Social Work Pay and this is still available to download.

Download a copy of this report

Want to join the Epaycheck Community?

Epaycheck has over 200 participating councils providing and sharing data. If you are not currently part of the Epaycheck community you could be able to access a free trial. To find out more contact your Regional Administrator.

Did you know?

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The total bill for Tier 1 officers (i.e., Chief Executive, Head of Paid Service, Executive/Managing Director) in 2014-15 was £47.1m and of 357 posts across 375 councils in England and Wales; 41 shared a Chief Executive, 3 replaced this post with 2 Executive Directors and 331 still had a single CEO.

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Epaycheck is delivered through a network of regional employer organisations

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