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Epaycheck is the national online pay benchmarking service developed for the public sector by the public sector. Councils who have joined the Epaycheck community securely share and compare their pay data with that of other councils, across hundreds of common roles within the sector.

Epaycheck offers great opportunities for efficiency through rapid access to pay data, tailored to the priorities of the user community. It provides vital information to the Local Government Association to support national pay negotiations and a means of tracking the effects of pay changes on key job families. The Local Government Association is encouraging all councils to sign up to Epaycheck!

In the coming year the Epaycheck service will be offered to other groups within the public sector such as Police and Crime Commissioners, Fire Authorities and National Park Authorities.

Your Epaycheck subscription offers maximum output for minimal cost; all you need to use the service is internet access so whether at your desk, in a meeting or on the move you can still access your Epaycheck data reports at the click of a button.

Why do I need Epaycheck?

Epaycheck offers a fast and effective way of producing pay data reports from simple pay averages to more complex comparisons across organisation types, geographical areas and job responsibilities, covering both workforce and chief officer pay.

Epaycheck allows the user to;

  • answer important questions on pay within minutes,
  • provide hard evidence to assist local decision making,
  • provide a sound basis for setting market force supplements,
  • support Job Evaluation and review processes,
  • inform thinking on corporate restructures,
  • respond to pay challenges with accurate and relevant information,
  • protect against equal pay claims, and
  • access hundreds of generic job roles templates for whole job families.

"Epaycheck data will be extremely useful in providing detail to counter the assertions about local government pay that are made frequently in the national press; also in national pay negotiations allowing us to track the effects of pay changes on key job families. In this regard, Epaycheck is fully compatible with the LGA's national earnings survey which looks at a wider range of jobs in much less detail. I would encourage any councils that have yet to sign up to Epaycheck, to do so."

Jon Sutcliffe, LGA Workforce Policy and Strategy Team. Read more.

"The data acquired was most helpful in allowing me to benchmark ourselves in comparison to other local authorities within the region. This, along with other qualitative and quantitative data, will enable me to produce a more meaningful Strategy for my organisation."

North West Unitary


New Public Health Templates

Epaycheck has added a range of NJC based Public Health templates to the system to allow councils to benchmark and compare with others.

Fast access to data

Epaycheck users have been delighted by the ease and speed with which data can be accessed "The speed with which you can create a report is phenomenal – no more emailing colleagues and waiting days to gather enough information to have a meaningful answer"

Have you joined the Epaycheck Community?

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Did you know?

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There are over 10,000 pay data records now in Epaycheck for you to benchmark and report against.

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Epaycheck is delivered through a network of regional employer organisations

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